Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors

As your partner, Genesis Products offers high-quality, low-cost cabinet components and key manufacturing capabilities. With more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing, assembly and warehousing space at 6 facilities, we have the capacity and know-how to deliver product accurately and on-time.

Our team of manufacturing experts is committed to meeting your needs throughout the supply chain–from sourcing and logistics to engineering and inventory management. By partnering with Genesis, you will be able to better manage the day-to-day demands of your business and will be ready to capture new opportunities.

We Provide:

Laminated Panels

We offer a full complement of surfaces including paper, vinyl, rigid vinyl, high-gloss and matte acrylic, HPL and stainless steel. Substrate options include Luan, MDF, particleboard, veneer core, lumber core, plywood and much more.

Pressed And Wrapped Components

We combine our expertise in manufacturing with our strong sourcing relationships to give our customers a clear market advantage on pressed and wrapped component.

Panel Processing

When you need additional capacity, Genesis can provide complete panel processing services including CNC routing, edge banding, as well as full cut-to-size and sanding services.

Drawer Parts

We manufacture drawer parts domestically and source internationally to ensure our customers have supply chain stability. We also have full manufacturing capabilities for custom programs.

Solid Components

Genesis understands that the security and integrity of your supply chain is critical. We source 100% of our solid components domestically, with all manufacturing done domestically. From face frame stock to drawer fronts, we guarantee exceptional quality and service for all our solid component offerings.

Our Design & Product teams collaborate with OEM Customers and Suppliers to prototype concepts, test materials and launch new products.

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