Store Fixture Panels

Store Fixture Panels

Our core offering to store fixture manufacturers focuses on products where Genesis provides a superior value proposition as compared to other suppliers or in-house manufacturing.  From high-gloss acrylic panels to membrane pressed tops and tessellating wall panels, we provide the manufacturing capabilities to bring retail space designs to life.

With over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to lamination, Genesis can meet any of your lamination program needs. We have dedicated lamination lines for both cold and hot adhesives that can laminate various types or overlays.  

  • 1-Side and 2-Side Lamination – 4’ & 5’
  • PUR, EVA and PVA Glue Lines
  • 2 Double Sided Lines in Goshen
  • 2 Additional Lines in Elkhart
  • Particle Board
  • MDF
  • Specialty Wood Panels  (VC w/MDF)
  • Hardwood Plywood
  • Lauan
  • Non-woven Composite Panels
  • Papers (30g, 45g, 60g, 80g)
  • Premeer Oriented Polypropytene (OPP)
  • Vinyl’s (2ml – 30 ml)
  • High-Pressure Laminates (HPL)
  • High-Gloss and Matte Acrylics

Our Design & Product teams collaborate with OEM Customers and Suppliers to prototype concepts, test materials and launch new products.

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