Introducing Premium Rock Surfaces from Genesis

Genesis Products is proud to introduce Premium Rock, a new design element using patent pending, proprietary textured image-embedding processes to create scalable designs on lightweight, affordable stone panels. Now you can capture detailed, intricate patterns and dimensions on a surface that looks natural and feels authentic to the touch.

Textured Designs for Any Size Project

Our beautifully designed and seamless panels go beyond two-dimensionality and feature customized, realistic, three dimensional textures that can mimic just about any material and design for small projects to large scale developments.

Ease of Installation.

Our solid surface panels will save you hours of installation costs when compared to traditionally installed tiles found in showers, on lobby walls and in kitchens. This means designers and architects can set their imagination free to elevate the interiors of hotels, apartment buildings, stadiums and airports.

Your Comprehensive Domestic Supply and Fabrication Partner for Performance Surfaces

Genesis Products is your comprehensive fabricator for HPL, 3DL laminate and solid surface materials. We specialize in sourcing materials and manufacturing your work surfaces, counter tops, shower walls, back splashes as well as furniture components to your specifications and volumes.

Lightweight one-piece panels

Textured, High Gloss or Smooth Surfaces

Realistic Look and Feel That Saves Labor