When it comes to creating dynamic retail environments, don’t follow industry trends – set them.  No matter the size or style, Genesis has the materials and manufacturing capabilities to help you build an impressive retail environment. To extend your production capacity at a fixed cost, we can fully manufacture and assemble items as well as match any existing OEM components.  From high-gloss acrylic panels to membrane pressed tops and tessellating wall panels, we provide the manufacturing capabilities to bring retail space designs to life.

Our core offering to store fixture manufacturers focuses on products where Genesis provides a superior value proposition as compared to other suppliers or in-house manufacturing.


For over 10 years we have been building relationships with the leading suppliers of adhesives, surfaces and substrates to ensure our products contain the best materials so and we can offer them to you at the most competitive price. From HPL to High Gloss Acrylics, Genesis partners with you to deliver.

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At Genesis Products we understand that the effectiveness of your retail display is only as strong as the surface on which it sits. That’s why we’ve designed countertops that are both functional and affordable – helping you bring your display to life.

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Contract Assembly

Don’t hand-off your program at the finish line! Genesis can provide the finishing touches and final processing and assembly which is often passed to yet another outsourcer. From complex tables to simple components, we have the capability to carry each project from concept to completion. Our engineers manufacture to your specifications and ensure our process meet all of your quality expectations.

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Remembering and Rising: 9/11, 16 Years Later

Anyone old enough to remember the events of September 11, 2001 has been asked,“Where were you that day?” Without social media and smartphones, many Americans watched and listened to the news that day at work, at school, or gathered in living rooms. Where they stood and how they felt will live in their memories forever.


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Genesis Products Weighs in on the Chinese Hardwood Plywood Dumping Case, Gives Laminator Perspective

The manufacturing and utilization of hardwood plywood is a truly global industry. Because of the sheer magnitude of companies and individuals who rely on this industry, the China hardwood plywood dumping case has garnered national and worldwide attention. The International Trade Commission (ITC) launched its third review of the China Hardwood Plywood Dumping in December,


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Discover the Future of Woodworking at AWFS®Fair 2017

Woodworking is a trade that has been around since the beginning of mankind, and is still evolving to this day. Leaps in technology enable innovations that are driving woodworking to greater heights. Today, the craft of woodworking is a multi-faceted, multi-billion dollar enterprise that is essential to the economy and modern life. Understanding the trade’s