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Genesis Products at the 2017 Surface and Panel Symposium

Uniting materials, technology and design, the Surface and Panel Symposium, held October 1-3 in Savannah, Georgia, connected architects, interior designers and specifiers with fabricators, material and technology suppliers. Showcasing contemporary designs, textures, and materials for furniture, cabinet, and store fixtures, the Symposium presented attendees the opportunity to not only listen to designers speak and participate in a Q&A regarding trending materials, but to discuss the best approaches to conquering common industry hurdles as well. This gathering also served as a meeting place for the Composite Panel Group’s annual fall meeting.

With a focus on networking and a goal to remaining innovative by keeping abreast, if not ahead, of current trends, Genesis Products attended the Surface and Panel Symposium.

At the Surface and Panel Symposium, Genesis Products not only exhibited both drawer boxes and surface offerings but Genesis’ CEO Jon Wenger, along with two other speakers, participated in a panel group that discussed the most popular colors and materials used in the RV market today. Wenger also presented information on residential cabinets, storefront fixtures, and certain market trends such as textured woodgrains, high gloss, and super matte finishes. Wenger’s leadership in the panel discussion was deemed both progressive and insightful by his audience of professional colleagues.

In addition, Genesis had the esteemed pleasure of listening to Designer Renee Hytry-Derrington discuss Formica’s High Pressure Laminate (HPL), as well as their new material designs which incorporate both nature and the environment through the use of stone, granite, marble, woodgrains, cement, and other natural resources. Another well-respected designer, Karmim Rashid, the 2017 Symposium keynote speaker, discussed how he and his team are thinking outside the box, sharing via examples and photographs the exquisite results of using mixed materials in composite panels. The Genesis Products team also learned about the movement toward super mattes in both furniture and cabinets, a shift from the high gloss materials of the past to the subtler gray tones or “blondes” of now.

Clearly, Genesis wants to continue to set the pace in the industry. When someone asks what is new or trending in design and design components, Genesis doesn’t just want to claim to be in-the-know–we want to back that claim up with in-depth knowledge and a complete grasp of market trends to instill complete customer confidence. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to network, share ideas, resolve problems, and forge partnerships with other industry leaders at the Surface and Panel Symposium. Post-symposium, we are confident that we are in-line with current residential trends, on target with our current woodgrain color lineup and other various design elements, and on the right track to maintaining our status of being in-the-know.

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