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On October 21, 2017, Spread Cheer and Goodwill for Sweetest Day

Always celebrated on the third Saturday in October, Sweetest Day is celebrated with gestures of kindness, love, and thoughtfulness. Not to mention the best part, sweet treats! It’s an opportunity to bring happiness and joy to your friends and family. From Hershey Kisses to Jolly Ranchers, a small treat is the perfect token to show your fondness for the people you care about.

A Little History

Sweetest Day was first celebrated in the early 1900s. The legend is that a candy company employee in Cleveland, Ohio handed out treats to those less fortunate as a way to spread joy in the community. Soon after, candy shops took out newspaper advertisements to showcase their sweetest treats and delights. The National Confectioner’s Association originally named the day “Candy Day,” and encouraged consumers to visit candy shops or bakers to sample new products. While the holiday grew in popularity, two World Wars affected manufacturers’ production.

When sugar became more available to the public, Sweetest Day added a charitable component. Candy clubs and associations would donate thousands of bags of candy to hospitals, orphanages, shelters and homes throughout the country.

Present Day

While the holiday may have started out as a way for candy companies to showcase new treats, it’s turned into a more meaningful occasion. It’s a way to show support, love, gratitude, kind thoughts and care to those in the world around us. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the romantic person in your life. Sweetest Day honors everyone important in your life.

The holiday is traditionally celebrated in the Midwest, but it’s slowly spreading from coast to coast. Sweetest Day is currently most popular in Ohio, the holiday’s home state.

So, on October 21, 2017, spread cheer and cherish your loved ones and those less fortunate with kind words, small deeds, and special favors. Share homemade goods, pass out candy, give a card, or hug a loved one. There are endless ways to celebrate and disperse kindness throughout the day.