Mar 2022

Genesis Products Breaks Ground on 10th Production Facility

RV Business

Jon Wenger standing in front of new production facility.

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The groundbreaking of Genesis Products’ tenth production facility, a milestone for our 20-year-old company, was recently covered by RV Business, the industry source for up-to-the-minute daily breaking RV news.

The new facility will be 75,000 square feet and dedicated to producing countertops to supplement similar production at an existing Genesis plant next door, President & CEO Jon Wenger told RV Business. A good portion of the property also will be used for parking for the company’s 1,200 employees, he added.

“It’s really just a continued growth of the company,” Wenger said. “We need to continue making sure that we’re adding capacity and always looking forward to the years ahead, and that we’re making sure we’re in position to service our customers.”

Group of 7 wearing hard hats putting their shovels into the ground