Smarter Solutions for

Transportation vehicles

Next level quiet and comfort. Elevate the cab and passage environment with custom molded vehicle interior trim components. Protect and enhance the performance of the vehicle with lightweight plywood and composite products.

An illustration showing different types of industry transportation: a bus, an ambulance and a cargo van
Exterior of a extended height conversion van

Window Shrouds

A one-step solution to deliver a uniform interior finish

Cab Transitions

Automotive finish with seamless transitions


Custom configurations for large format one-piece interiors

Side Wall Panels

Decorative finishes with acoustic benefits

Thermal Acoustic Control Panels

Diminish heat and noise pollution with custom underbody solutions

EMT's load a stretcher into an ambulance with custom molded panels by Genesis Products

Ceiling paneling

Custom-fabricated to any mobile workspace design, for enhanced thermal and sound insulation.

Molded Liners

Formed from advanced materials, for a quieter, more comfortable ride and customized functionality.

Floor paneling

Custom fit for maximum thermal insulation, in advanced, durable materials for hard-working environments.

Passive climate control

Improve interior comfort with comprehensive insulation solutions

Custom Interior Trim

Custom elements enhance cabin aesthetics while maximizing acoustic and thermal performance


Combining strength and durability with comfort and safety


Side wall panels offer a decorative finish with acoustic benefits


Advanced composites deliver more durability and reduced starting weight


Custom configurations for durable, large format interiors

Window Shroud

A one-step solution for a uniform interior finish

A delivery truck is decorated with images of vegetables and the words

Wall panels

Side wall panels offer a decorative finish with acoustic benefits


Advanced composites deliver more durability and reduced starting weight


Custom configurations for large format one-piece interiors

Interior Trim on door

Custom-molded trim offers a precise fit and long-term durability

Two men load boxes into a cargo van with custom panels made by Genesis Products

Wall Systems

Custom-fit wall liners help protect against damage while reducing noise and thermal transfer for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Floor Systems

Custom-fit floor liners reduce noise, thermal transfer and flooring wear.

a delivery man reads an address label in a van with custom panels


Custom roof liners accommodate vehicle-specific requirements while helping to reduce noise and thermal transfer.

AB transition pillar

Custom-moulded trim and pillar covers reduce cabin noise and improve aesthetics.

Moulded dashboard

Create task-specific mobile workspaces with custom-moulded dashboards as part of a complete vehicle interior trim system.

Floor liners

Reduce noise, thermal transfer and wear with custom liners and underlayments for every kind of vehicle.

Set your best work in motion

Genesis has the engineering, materials expertise and production support to deliver custom solutions to secondary automative OEMs for any application, with rapid prototyping to keep your project on track. From truck fleets and buses to cargo trailers and emergency vehicles, meet unparalleled standards of utility and enhanced vehicle performance and set your best work in motion.


  • Multi-layer composite felt lamination
  • Large format moulding
  • 6-axis water jet cutting
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • Cut-to-size and CNC to shape


  • Traditional and high roof headliners
  • A&B pillars and cab transitions
  • Door, wall and ceiling panels
  • Truck body flooring
  • Thermal and acoustic control panels
  • Welfit upfit kits

Fleet specialists

  • Van
  • Bus
  • EMS Emergency
  • Limo
  • Cargo trailer
  • Box truck


A fleet of trucks sit in a parking lot

Truck Fleets

A bus sits at a transportation hub.

Transit Buses

The back of an ambulance is fitted with a custom interior

Emergency Vehicles

A truck is hauling a long cargo trailer behind it

Cargo Trailers

Need an aftermarket solution? Don’t just upfit—Welfit