Thermofoil Components

Thermofoil Components

Thermofoil components, also know in the industry as membrane pressed components, are redefining laminate. These products are created with special equipment to create a beautiful finish and eliminate the potential flaws of laminate, such as chipping and peeling. With thermofoil components, aesthetics don’t have to come at the expense of strength and quality.

Genesis leads the industry in thermofoil components programs. Our experienced engineers use state-of-the-art equipment to create seamless, 3D surface textures on lightweight materials. These products are customized to achieve stylish, elegant design while maintaining durability and versatility. Our thermofoil components meet unparalleled standards of quality and offer superior durability with increased resistance to impact, abrasion, marring and scratching.

Our in-house design team is experienced in converting traditional wrapped paper components and/or plywood construction into a pressed component.

Examples of our pressed components include:

  • Step treads
  • Light soffits
  • Skylight treatments


This is in addition to the growing popularity of thermofoil countertops (link). With thermofoil components by Genesis Products, your RV interior will be transformed into home sweet road.

Our Design & Product teams collaborate with OEM Customers and Suppliers to prototype concepts, test materials and launch new products.

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