Insulcoustic Heat & Noise Reduction

Enhanced comfort and engine performance

Farm tractor going through a field during a sunny day

Thermal and acoustic solutions custom engineered for your specific requirements. We combine proven technology and proprietary manufacturing processes to deliver customized heat shields and noise reduction products for agriculture, heavy equipment and fleet vehicles including engine, cab, underbody protection and more in a range of standard and next generation materials.

Acoustic Control

  • Absorbers – Remove excess sound within a space to reduce echo. Can be tuned to target specific frequencies.
  • Dampers - Absorb distracting engine or mechanical vibrations for a quieter, more comfortable experience.
  • Barriers - Block sound waves to reduce sound transmission across surfaces into adjacent areas or outside the vehicle.

Thermal Control

  • Insulators – Custom-engineered to protect around heat-generating components.
  • Reflectors – Reduce radiant heat gain and manage temperature.


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