Smarter Solutions for

Heavy Truck

Your partner for the long haul. Our Welformed team can work with you to create a more comfortable environment for operators, with reduced heat and noise as well as aesthetic enhancement for your vehicles.

Illustration of farming equipment harvesting a field
The cab of a heavy truck with custom interior

Roof liner

Custom-fit to enhance functionality, as well as thermal and acoustic performance.

AB transition pillar

Custom trim elements enhance cabin aesthetics as well as acoustic and thermal performance.

Molded dashboard

Custom-moulded components add style and function while helping to block out heat and noise for more comfortable operation.


Automotive finish with seamless transitions

Thermal Panels

Diminish heat and noise with engineered solutions

Console Covers

Functional surfaces with acoustic benefits

Post Covers

Acoustical benefit with decorative styling

A man climbs into an 18-wheel truck

Thermal barrier, heat reduction

Custom-fit panels and components create a quieter, more comfortable cabin.

Undercab insulator

Custom fit solutions to reduce noise and thermal transfer.

Elevated interior solutions

Advanced laminates and lightweight materials achieve new levels of comfort for drivers

Engine Sound Damper

Custom-moulded acoustic and thermal solutions

From agriculture to construction to the open road…

Enhance your vehicle and extend equipment performance with dimensionally stable composites and other advanced materials. Our custom, large-formatted parts are specially designed for the unique demands of heavy-duty trucks and farm machinery to protect against engine heat and noise, improve interior comfort and acoustics, and lengthen service life.


  • Multi-layer composite felt lamination
  • Large format moulding
  • 6-axle water jet cutting
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • Cut-to-size and CNC to shape


  • Traditional and high roof headliners
  • A&B pillars and cab transitions
  • Door, wall and ceiling panels
  • Truck body flooring
  • Thermal and acoustic control panels
  • Welfit upfit kits

Fleet specialists

  • ThermaBlend Shield
  • QuietBlend (QB)
  • Fiberglass
  • Open cell foam
  • Polyester (AP)
  • Acoustical Polyester
  • High temp thermal wrap

The power of domestic outsourcing

When demand outpaces capacity, Genesis helps you scale up seamlessly. We provide more than a million square feet of manufacturing capacity and some of the most advanced lamination lines in the world. We’ll help you rise to virtually any opportunity.