Smarter Solutions for


Elevating performance, safety and lifespan. Our advanced materials and moulded components can meet the demands of the most challenging marine environments.

Cartoon Illustration showing a wooded area with a lake and a boat
A boat has been decked out with different marine fittings from Genesis Products

Seat cover

Complete your interior treatment with custom seat covers made to order in virtually any material, color or quantity.

Table components

Durable, lightweight tabletops and components produced to any marine-grade spec.

PET speaker cover

Create just the right fit and finish with marine-grade interior trim components.

Moulded composite component

Custom solutions using high content, recycled post-consumer plastics and custom composite materials for just the right the right fit and finish.

PET Well Liners

Protect your gear and reduces rattle noise from below seats and floors.

A new wave of advanced materials

Explore new possibilities in marine performance design with advanced PET and moulded components that offer durability in a lightweight package. Unlike traditional woods and hard plastics, our custom composites resist moisture, mildew, mold, stains and cracking. Plus, we can deliver alll of the above from a single source, reliably and just in time.


  • Custom Polyester (PET) moulded parts
    • Well locker liners
    • Speaker wire covers
    • Seat covers
    • Wall and dashboard panels
  • Structural wood and non-wood components
  • Engine noise reducers
  • Tables and counters
  • Interior cabinets

The strongest link in your supply chain

We’ve spent years forging partnerships across four continents. Today, we’re connected to suppliers, fleets and warehouses around the world. For reliable supply in unreliable times.