DEC 2022

Genesis Products Introduces New Qwel™ Designer Acoustic Tiles

Company News

close up of new Qwel designer acoustic tiles

Elkhart, IN – Genesis Products has announced new Qwel™ Designer Acoustic Tiles as a more sustainable solution for naturally managing sound. Created as an attainable option for delivering bold style, Qwel tiles offer a variety of molded and flat tile designs to create architecturally distinctive, acoustically aware environments.

“The Genesis Products team developed new Qwel Designer Acoustic Tiles as a way to make architectural PET solutions more attainable,” said Erin Curtis, VP of Marketing and Development at Genesis. “We worked hard to deliver a thoughtful, eco-friendly collection that is aesthetically attractive and naturally manages sound at a reasonable price point. Our goal is to enable architects, designers and builders to create elevated environments that will enhance productivity and wellbeing.”

Available in six designer styles featuring edges, drops and curves, Qwel tiles can be mixed and matched to achieve elegantly unique designs. Flat tiles are easy to cut and shape, while molded tiles add three-dimensional visuals, such as a Linear Wave. Colors include Black, White, Charcoal and Light Gray as well as special order custom colors, shapes and sizes.

Qwel tiles reduce unwanted noise by .75 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and up, i.e. 75% of sound in the space is absorbed, while the other 25% is reflected. This delivers improved clarity of sound to enable focus, learning, productivity and enjoyment.

Architects, designers and design-build pros also appreciate Qwel tiles construction from 100% non-woven PET fibers and up to 50% recycled materials. The tiles provide outstanding acoustic performance without chemical after-treatments and are 100% recyclable.

Durable, flexible and lightweight, each Qwel tile is heat-molded for lifelong shape retention with enough flex for faster installs without fear of breakage. Compatible with existing grid systems, Qwel tiles are perfect for upgrading new or retrofitted spaces. The washable tiles are dust and shakeout-free, stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant and feature a Class A rating for fire and smoke.

Qwel tiles provide architects and designers with the freedom to create dynamic visual elements for a lasting impression. To learn more about Qwel Designer Acoustic tiles, visit