Interior Treatments / Backsplash

Design details without limits

Create a stunning RV interior with backsplash options for every taste. Choose from a wide selection of laminates to suit any style, including our exclusive backsplash PR11 Technology for the look and feel of real tile or stone without the weight.


  • Fire-resistant, UV-resistant, and water-resistant
  • Large domestic inventory of colors, textures, patterns and finishes
  • A fully integrated process for one-stop convenience
  • High-volume production lines, for scale economies on smaller runs
White marble kitchen counter with white backsplash.


  • Laminates
  • CNC Panels
  • PR11 Technology
  • Adhesive-backed laminate (Seam Tape) (Not fire-resistant)

Laminate Options

  • Papers
  • High-pressure laminates (HPL)
  • High-gloss and matte acrylics
  • Metallic laminates
  • Polyethylene
  • Vinyls

Discover the authentic texture of PR11 Technology


  • Deep textures mimic the look and feel of stone and tile without the added weight and cost
  • Digital painting process allows for customizable designs and colorwork
  • Fire-resistant, UV-resistant, and waterproof


  • Lightweight one-piece panels
  • Looks natural and feels authentic to the touch
  • Customized, realistic three-dimensional textures
  • Textured, high gloss or smooth surfaces
  • Easy installation

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