Genesis Trend Watch / Q2 2022

Cabinetry upgrades now the go-to design fix

Residential cabinet upgrades are exploding in 2022. While the traditional white shaker door cabinet still leads the industry (for now), savvy builders and cabinet OEM's must note the emergence of bold colors, mixed materials and sleek European-style construction in kitchens, baths and closets as homeowners look for comfort and calm.

Sales of stock and high-end custom cabinets have increased 18%, while cabinet sales have increased over 13%.*

*In a month-to-month comparison from November 2020 to November 2021.

What we’re seeing

Our design team studies trend forecasts and works with suppliers to help spot trends before they happen. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

kitchen with European style construction

European-style construction

Sleek lines and hardware-free doors and drawers make for easy-to-clean surfaces, fewer voids, and smarter storage options to hide the everyday clutter of our lives.

Wooden storage space by the door on wooden floors.

Cabinets throughout the home

Built in cabinets are finding their way into home offices, high end closets and are being designed to meet you in the mud rooms.

Decorative Laminate Materials

Decorative laminated plywood and engineered wood panels are leading the surge in cabinet and fixture replacement due to their availability, low cost and trend-leading designs.

Various pieces of wood in different styles and color.

Genesis Products delivers material and manufacturing solutions to meet dramatic growth for residential and commercial cabinets.

Sleek storage for every space

From kitchen closets to hotel bedrooms, cabinetry upgrades are making a major impact across interiors.

Bedroom Closets

Closet designers are having a record year in just about every region of the country with a growing demand for practical luxury. Some of the key trends we’re seeing:

  • Realistic woodgrain textures
    In higher-end custom closets, demand for the deep, realistic woodgrain textures of TFL is raging. These tactile surfaces keep closets and storage projects from feeling too clinical or sterile.
  • Dark wood tones
    Deeper cabinet shades look incredibly rich, as long as lighting is taken into account. LEDs have revolutionized designers’ ability to add new depth and dimension to the overall design.
  • Closet islands
    Often topped by solid surface or engineered stone, islands increase closet functionality and provide extra concealed storage, leaving room to showcase treasured items without crowding or clutter.
  • Floor-to-ceiling installation
    A great way to maximize space, as long as accessibility to the higher areas is part of the design.
  • Stylish storage beyond the bedroom
    Most closets designers are also juggling a boom in demand for more sophisticated home offices for remote workers, as well as designing upgrades to laundry rooms and home fitness areas.

The kitchen and bath industry is projected to experience a 19% increase in spending, from $167 billion in 2021 to $199 billion in 2022*.


*According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s (NKBA) Kitchen & Bath Market Outlook for 2022 report.

#TrendsWeSaw at KBIS

Product Manager Phyllis Beyers scopes out the trends at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and comes back with tips for injecting forward-thinking design ideas into RV interiors.

Kitchen with floral background, wooden and dark rose colored cabinets, and hanging lights.

Pop of Color

This season, explore pops of color—both bold and muted—used in strategic combinations to influence the ambiance of the space.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals elevate the environment, giving it a look of modern luxury. Choose a dominant metal, and incorporate a maximum of three shades, balancing cool and warm hues (like a kitchen area with matte gold lighting fixtures and silver faucets).

Mixed Material

Blending different laminates and surfaces materials creates an inviting space with depth and textures.

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Genesis Products thanks the NKBA, the KCMA and the CMA for their input on this story.

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