Genesis Trend Watch / Q3 2022

It’s in the details

How RV hardware that goes beyond basics can elevate the cabin
Small but mighty, RV cabinet hardware has emerged as a defining design detail capable of invigorating the entire RV interior. Manufacturers who pay attention to selecting higher-quality, trend-forward options will reap the benefits, crafting cabins that look and feel a step above the competition. We sought the advice of our in-house style expert and product manager Phyllis Beyers on the most current looks and how to achieve them.

Eye spy: what’s current now

Trend 1:

Mixed metals

Overly matchy-matchy schemes are out; the sleekest, most in-demand interiors bring together two to three metal colors that complement each other and bring a dynamic, special quality.

  • Stick to two to three metal colors to avoid clashing
  • Choose a dominant metal color that takes center stage
  • Incorporate the hues in more than one place to balance the space

Pictured: Arches hardware collection

Trend 2:

Classic black

Black emerged as the most popular color for cabinet hardware in 2022. Regardless of finish, it adds an instant modernity to an interior and elevates cabinet doors of all kinds.

  • The most popular 2022 color, and one slated to last thanks to its versatility
  • Matte or satin finishes are the best choice when working with black
  • An easy choice for consumers—it’s straightforward while still being on trend

Pictured: Sedona hardware collection

Trend 3:

Sleek and slim pulls

Think pulls that are less bulky, more refined, adding a contemporary elegance to spaces yet remaining classic enough to look current a decade from now.

  • The most trend-forward shape currently in cabinet hardware
  • Versatile—they work in many kinds of spaces
  • Sleek and slim pulls come in many colors, finishes and designs

Pictured: Acadia hardware collection

Trend 4:

Mixed cabinet hardware

Mixing knobs and pulls feels fun—and allows you to choose the hardware that best fit each door or need. The mix can be modern, with clean, straight lines, or a cozier mishmash, with different pulls on upper and lower cabinets.

  • Used to express style and enhance function
  • Think of cabinet hardware like jewelry—variety adds character to the space
  • Allows you to choose the pulls that best fit the type of door or need

Pictured: Rainier hardware collection with matching round knob

Cabinet hardware: a primer

Genesis offers six unique hardware collections with a range of choices carefully curated to appeal to residential trends, from ultra-modern to classic. Inspired by the beauty of our natural world, the collections add the perfect finishing touch to your Genesis interior program.

  • Residential design and quality
  • Variety of styles and finishes
  • Locally stocked for short lead times
  • Design coordination with your cabinet doors

Maximize your options

The range of finishes available means there are 1,500 different combinations possible—a perfect choice ready to be made for every type of interior.

  • Matte black
  • Gold satin
  • Antique bronze
  • Polished chrome

Introducing the Genesis hardware collection

Translating style terms

When pairing hardware with design styles, it’s helpful to know the four leading trends for kitchen

Shaker cabinets with matte black, oil rubbed bronze and brass hardware.

Flat front cabinets with chrome, matte black and brass hardware.

Wood cabinets with and without glass doors with satin nickel, glass, iron and chrome hardware.

Painted cabinetry with black matte hardware.

The big picture

Cabinets, surfaces and hardware—they need to work in harmony. Choosing materials that complement each other means having the right choices to begin with. Genesis is a leading producer of interior components including pressed and solid surface countertops, with a broad selection that can be tailored to virtually any spec, as well as RV cabinet doors, fabricated in a wide range of styles and price points.

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