Genesis Trend Watch / October 2021

RV Interiors trend closer to residential than ever before.

RV ownership is trending younger, while homeowners of all ages are embracing the desire to remodel their permanent homes, as well as those they take on the road. To attract the eyes of today’s style-conscious buyers, savvy RV manufacturers are increasingly looking to mimic residential styles and features in their RV interiors.

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What we’re seeing

Our design team studies trend forecasts and works with suppliers to help spot trends before they happen. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

A sample kitchen with laminate cupboards and molded island countertop

Warm true browns and woodgrains are making a comeback

A furnished living room has a couch, chair and coffee table

Creamy colors are replacing bright whites

A woman is comparing a picture to wood samples in showroom

Natural, organic materials and textures like wovens fabrics and tone on tone patterns for furniture and accents

Get inspired with “Flat Lay Friday”

RV interior designer Phyllis presents new design concepts featuring trending colors and materials in each segment of this ongoing video series. Follow us on social to keep up to date.

A cohesive approach to cabinetry

Improve aesthetics without adding SKUs. Our systematic approach uses modular design to create a more cohesive cabinetry solution without complicating your build.

Ahead of the curve on cabinet doors

Popular in Europe for many years, sleek curved cabinet doors continue to gain popularity in the US as RV buyers lean toward the clean lines and transitional styles found in more residential housing.

Top trending options

A sample of a curved cabinet door made by Genesis Products

Curved doors

For a clean and contemporary look

A sample kitchen with laminate cupboards and molded countertop

Flat doors

A traditional favorite

A livingroom in an RV has multi-toned doors on the cabinets

Multi-toned doors

For a fresh but timeless twist

Sample of a bathroom vanity and sink molded from Genesis Products

Spotlight: Motorized units

High gloss surfaces offer a luxe look

While the mainstream trends toward organic textures, buyers in the motorized market want something more plush and polished. Inspired by the high gloss designs popular in Europe, UltraFoil Cabinetry by Genesis delivers a notably higher end aesthetic for quality and luxury that stand above the ordinary.

The interior living area of an RV decked out with 2-tone cabinets and trim

Design challenge:

Reframing fascia

Problem: As RV designs aspire to a more residential aesthetic, how do you take something that isn’t part of the average home interior and make it look residential?

Solution: To mimic a residential look, keep it simple. Designs can feel dated more quickly when they’re overdone. Fascia should never be flashy. Aim for options that blend into the background or use subtle color variations to create a pleasing accent. We can help you develop a selection of simple, great designs with just the right balance of blending in and standing out.

Passage doors become a focal point

As with cabinetry, the right passage doors can instantly elevate and define the look of a space. Transitional styles lead the way, but traditional, European, farmhouse and mid-century modern are also popular.

A woman is holding a set of sample cards of different flexible materials used by Genesis Products

Quick tips to get the look you’re after:

  • Go traditional with a twist - Replace woodgrain paper overlays with a solid white, cream or black with a “soft touch” surface
  • Add pop with a pattern - Dress up a basic entry-level door with patterned paper to create a fun focal point at an affordable cost.
  • Shake it up a notch - Choose a simple shaker (aka “face build-up”) door in 2-panel or mission style design finished in a solid color to create a transitional aesthetic.
  • Strive for authenticity - Choose multi-tonal woodgrains in maple or walnut on a slab-style door for a more natural look.
  • Ease into farmhouse charm - Barn doors in the living area are a stylish and functional option. Don’t let the large size fool you--this space-saving solution is also surprisingly lightweight.
  • Add an industrial edge - Decorative iron details are just one of the many ways to customize our selection of residential style glass doors.
  • Make it something special - Turn heads with the upscale look of Mortise and Tenon passage doors – a proprietary Genesis design that’s unavailable anywhere else.
A cartoon illustration of 2 RVs parked in a wooded area

“When we have the opportunity to design the entire unit from beginning to end, we’ve been able to show why we are the masters in our field.”

– Nic Bontrager, Product Manager

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