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The Perfect Season for Camping

What’s the best time of the year to go camping? Winter? Too cold. Spring? Too rainy. Summer? Too hot. Fall? Now, that’s a perfect time to be camping – when the mornings are crisp, and the evenings are cool. From pumpkin patches, haunted houses and apple orchards, fall is the prime season to be outside.

Need even more excuses to pack up the family in the RV, and head to your nearest — or even farthest – campground? Here are eight of the best reasons to go camping in your RV this fall:

  1. Optimal Temperatures – The extreme highs and oppressive humidity of summertime are over, resulting in milder weather that is enjoyable all-day long.
  2. Picturesque Scenery – From falling leaves to the ever-changing colors of nature’s panorama, there is a camp site for everyone.
  3. Less Expensive – Campgrounds tend to offer lower rates post Labor Day, making vacations more affordable.
  4. Fewer Pesky Bugs – Mosquitoes and other insects are cold-blooded, and prefer to lie low during colder months.
  5. Comfort Food by a Campfire – There is nothing better than cozying up to a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee in the morning and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows at night!
  6. Catch Some ZZZ’s In Nature – A hot tent, in the middle of summer can be less than enjoyable, especially at night with humidity. The cooler nights of fall allow campers to snuggle up for a long, restful night of sleep under the stars.
  7. Outdoor Activities Galore – Between pumpkin carving, fall festivals, Halloween parades, fishing derbies, mazes, and hayrides, there are many, many outdoor activities to take advantage of.
  8. Peace and Quiet – Less crowded campgrounds and hiking trails allow for more privacy and opportunities to recharge your batteries.

While the mild weather of the season tops off the best reasons for fall camping, it also requires packing additional items just to stay comfortable. The days may be warm, but temperatures can drop significantly once the sun goes down. Therefore, dressing in layers can compensate for these sometimes-drastic temperature fluctuations. Below are several items which should be kept handy in your RV during fall camping:

  1. Hand and foot warmers
  2. Gloves and hats
  3. Insulated sweater or coat
  4. Wool socks and down booties
  5. Thermal underwear

Providing outdoor enthusiasts with a plethora of activities and vistas to revel in, there isn’t a better time than fall to enjoy the wonders of nature. So, hit the road in your RV this fall, and keep the whole family active by visiting a local or far away campground.

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