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Genesis Launches Luxury Solid Surface Countertops

Genesis Products, Inc., a leader in RV interior components, has introduced Solid Surface Countertops as the newest addition to their RV Interior product line.

“Showcasing an expansive selection of color and textures, the addition of solid surface countertops enhances the flexibility and design options for each RV Interior,” said Trenton Miller, Product Manager at Genesis.  “We have expanded our manufacturing and technical expertise to provide the highest quality product to our customers.”

Genesis currently provides thermoformed and lightweight countertops to the RV Industry. With the addition of solid surface to the countertop product line, Genesis now offers a complete selection of high-quality design forward countertops, creating a unique interior for each RV.

“We are remodeling our design center to provide the ultimate one stop design experience, resulting in seamless and luxurious custom interiors,” explained Miller. “The addition of solid surface allows us to meet all customer needs from design to function to cost.  Creating a unique experience for our customer is what we strive for daily. This takes us to the next level”

To learn more about the Solid Surface line click here.