Core Values

Genesis Products was founded in 2002 with the belief that there is always a better way, and that belief continues to differentiate us as a comprehensive laminated panels and wood components supplier. Over the years, Genesis has grown to become a leading supplier to the cabinet, store fixture, RV and the business and institutional furniture industries. Through strategic acquisitions and international partnership, Genesis continues to diversify, expand and enhance its product offerings and capabilities. We pride ourselves on being able to serve the needs of all our customers and your program partner from start to finish.


With careful planning and the right tools, we quickly adjust to break through barriers, to achieve results.


The feeling that what you are experiencing is positive, fun and fulfilling.

Always Improving

Good enough doesn't exist, there is always a better way.

Meet The Team

Jon Wenger

President and CEO

Jon co-founded Genesis Products in 2002 and has grown the company to be a leading supplier in multiple industries. He is a champion of work place cultures and business systems. Outside of work, Jon enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, cooking and boating with his wife Meghan, their two children, and two dogs.

Lindy Lehman

Chief Financial Officer

In her role as CFO, Lindy oversees the company’s finances and administrative services. She provides strategic directions for multiple departments, including IT and Information Systems. When she’s not at work, Lindy enjoys traveling, days at the lake, and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Matt Hazelbaker

Vice President

Matt works with both current and prospective customers, collaborating with them to find the best laminated products for their application. He also manages the sourcing of all raw materials for our Indiana operations. Matt enjoys spending time on the lake and watching his daughter play volleyball.

Trent Evans

Division Vice President

Trent has spent five years helping to grow the overall success of Genesis Products. He is responsible for managing a number of business units within the company as well as the engineering team. In his spare time, Trent enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his two children.

Heather Jenks

Vice President of RV Sales

Heather has worked at Genesis Products for over ten years and is responsible for managing the RV sales team. She is extremely passionate about customer service and works tirelessly to provide our RV customers with the best experience possible. Outside of the office, Heather loves traveling and spending time on the lake with her three children.

Ed Stahl

Vice President, Industrial Sales

Ed leads the sales and business development efforts of the Industrial Products sales team. In addition to sales management and strategic planning, Ed also assists in sourcing materials for our global supply chain team. Ed enjoys cooking, golfing and traveling with his wife, Barbara and four children.

George Tierce

Vice President, Continuous Improvement

George actively works to improve operations input, output and consistency through the application of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles. He is also responsible for manufacturing engineering, quality systems, plant layout and project management. Outside of the office George enjoys boating and spending time with his family and friends.

Alysha Liljeqvist

Vice President of People & Communities

Alysha drives the strategic direction of Genesis Products’ Human Resources Department. Alysha is an internal advocate for our strategic pillars and core values, and drives our philanthropic efforts in Elkhart County and Goshen. Outside of work Alysha enjoys gardening and being out on the lake with her husband their son and two daughters.

Braden McCormick

Vice President, Business Development, Welformed

Braden leads business development for Welformed, a division of Genesis Products. He is passionate about Welformed’s offering to our diverse customer base and is always ready to assist customers in reinventing their product. He loves spending time with his family; especially his two daughters, Josie and Evie.

Dean Powell

Vice President, Virginia Division

Dean is responsible for the growth and continued success of our Virginia operations. Dean is active in the development of new products as well as in driving our strategic initiatives, helping us reach more customers along the eastern and southeastern coast. In his spare time, Dean enjoys spending time with his family and golfing.

AJ Balthes

Division Manager, Welformed

AJ has spent over a decade working in nonwoven textiles and automotive interior trim. AJ works with a team of creative, innovative engineers who work hard to deliver superior solutions to existing applications. AJ is supported by his wife Megan and two children: Allison and AJ Junior.

Our Team is Always Growing