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Thermofoil: What’s Hot in Cabinetry

Modern homeowners have more options than ever before when it comes to cabinetry. That’s why it’s important to enter a design project armed with plenty of relevant knowledge. While wood remains the most popular material choice for cabinets, an emerging trend is the thermofoil cabinet, and it’s for plenty of good reasons!

What exactly is a thermofoil cabinet? First, it contains no foil or metal of any kind. They’re instead composed of medium density fiber board (MDF), covered with a thin layer of heat-fused vinyl or laminate that creates a uniform and smooth surface with no color variations or streaks.[1] In the manufacturing process, the cabinet doors and drawer bases are laid in a large vacuum press. A flexible layer of solid-color, 100% vinyl is placed on top of them. Then the lid is closed, and the air is expelled. The vinyl is fused to the cabinet’s surface via adhesives through this high-pressure action.[2]

But why are more and more people choosing thermofoil over other options?

Low Maintenance

The modern family spends a lot of time on the run, and with many households containing two working adults, time is money. In the low-maintenance design of thermofoil, the thin vinyl layer creates a seamless, non-porous surface that resists dirt, making these cabinet doors a cinch to clean. What’s more, they aren’t prone to warping when exposed to water due to the vinyl’s airtight solid adhesion to the MDF, which prevents moisture from penetrating the cabinet’s surface. Their construction leaves them impervious to most stains and easily wiped down with a moist cloth. This aspect makes thermofoil attractive to today’s busiest families.


Another key selling point for thermofoil is their relatively low cost. Their medium price range appeals to renovators on a budget; i.e., most of us. At a price tag that’s roughly two-thirds that of the traditional cabinet door, these cabinets offer an attractive and sturdy solution for those wishing to spruce up a home or workspace without extending themselves financially. Advances in modern design have allowed manufacturers to simulate real wood with their creations, so it’s difficult to tell the difference between a traditional wood cabinet and a thermofoil one. Thus, the lower price does not equate to a sacrifice in visual appeal. With thermofoil cabinetry, consumers are often getting more than what they pay for.

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