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Genesis Makes a Difference Alongside Bashor Children’s Home

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

              –Albert Einstein

One of the best ways to change the future of our society is to take care of its children. That’s true with respect to our families, our churches, and our corporations. That’s why organizations such as Bashor Children’s Home in Goshen, Indiana are so critical. Bashor is a 501(c)(3) that serves 22 different counties across three different states, and their presence truly makes a difference in those communities.

Bashor Children’s Home works with over 150 children daily and provides services including alternative schooling, foster care, and even a children’s shelter. They also coordinate programs related to parenting challenges, divorce recovery, teen court, and youth criminal diversion efforts. Bashor takes in children that have been turned away by other agencies due to exceptional behavioral or emotional difficulties. For some, Bashor is a spark of hope on a path littered with rejection.

Matt Hazelbaker of Genesis Products knows firsthand what an impact Bashor can have on children and families. Four years ago, Matt and his wife, Kari, were concerned about some struggles that their son Nick was experiencing. According to Matt, two executives from the nonprofit organization, VP Sean McCrindle, and CEO Don Phillips made a point to spend their own personal time meeting with Nick over the next few months to help him get back on track.

Matt is a Vice President of Genesis Products. He works with both current and prospective customers, collaborating with them to find the best laminated products for their application. He also manages the sourcing of all raw materials for the company’s Indiana operations. A southern Ohio transplant, he has two bachelor’s degrees (Business Administration and Zoology) and he values family time above all else.

Matt began the “Running with Spoons” Celebrity Chef event in 2016 for Bashor. It raised $200,000 in its inaugural 2016 year and raised $305,000 in 2017. The event has featured Celebrity Chefs from the RV Industry, with which Genesis has some strong partnerships. Genesis has provided materials and labor to build the “Bashor Man Cave” as an incentive reward for some residents, which was a fun and gratifying project, too!

When asked about his motivation and goals as a businessman working with Bashor, Matt responded, “I use my network to focus on fundraising to help meet the needs of the troubled kids in our community as well as bring new BOD members that can offer value to Bashor.” This attitude is in line with Genesis Products as a corporation, which firmly believes in giving back.

Being a member of a community isn’t just about living there or working there, according to Genesis. It’s about making a presence in those spaces and meeting the needs of the individuals and families who are struggling. By providing materials and elbow grease to solve the problems of some of the communities’ most vulnerable populations, Genesis Products takes their quality services and their gift for partnership to a whole new level.

Matt explained that today’s children face difficulties that were unheard of for his generation, and as a parent and a businessperson, he wants to be part of the solution. He is proud to work in a corporate environment that has a heart for service. According to Matt, “Takers may eat better, but Givers will sleep better.”

Genesis aims for excellence in its products and services and also its philanthropic efforts. Learn more about who we are at Genesis Products!