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Spring Into Action: Tips for Cleaning Your Space For the Warm Seasons

Clocks have been pushed forward, bright colors and rays of the sun are piercing through the gray and brown landscape of winter, and living things of both the plant and animal kingdoms are emerging from hibernation. It’s clear that spring is on the horizon. The season of fresh starts is the perfect time to renew body, mind, spirit, and living spaces. So here are some tips to jumpstart this year’s spring cleaning:

  • Wash your windows—Nothing says springtime like sun streaming through your windows. So, be sure to wash them—inside and out. Wait for a cloudy day and begin in the most shaded area because direct sunlight dries cleanser quicker than you can wipe it. Use vertical swipes on one side and horizontal on the other, so when you spot a streak, you’ll know which side it is on.
  • Dust everything—and we mean everything! Toss your drapes and throw pillows in the dryer for fifteen minutes on air only and rehang right away. Lampshades can be dusted quickly with a lint brush. And those difficult pet hairs can be removed easily by hand, wearing a pair of moist rubber gloves.
  • Degrease kitchen cabinets—Grease settles and builds on your kitchen cabinets, and the problem is worse if you’re not using your exhaust hood when cooking. It’s best to always run the exhaust hood, and use a product made especially for this process to clear the gunk off the cabinet surfaces and keep them clean and in good condition. Don’t forget to give extra time to heavy collection areas like those around the drawer and door pulls.
  • Focus on your countertops—The best action for your countertops is pro-action. First, upon installation, if your chosen surface requires sealant, have that applied immediately. Then have them resealed again a year later. It’s crucial to jump on stains before they happen by wiping up spills right away and cleaning your counters regularly with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser.
  • Prepare your summer items—For some, the best part of spring is that it leads to summer, with all its events and outings. Before the outdoor season begins, wipe down patio furniture with a mixture of warm water and a drop of mild dish soap. Follow up with a good hosing and allow to dry in the warm, fresh air. Then you’re ready to throw that pool party or patio picnic!

Establishing good cleaning routines can help create a stress-free life and also maintains your living and work spaces while keeping them beautiful and germ-free. The places you’ve worked hard to earn deserve your TLC. With some planning and knowledge, their care can be simple, and you don’t have to come in like a lion to make it happen.

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